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Dll Injector Hacker icon Seamlessly add MODs or hacks to the video games you usually play via DLL injection using this simple and straightforward application

Dynamic Link Libraries or DLLs for short refer to files that comprise of several codes and procedures that ultimately enable the operating system to use the same information simultaneously for multiple applications. While DLL injection is commonly frowned upon, it can come in handy for advanced users in various situations.

Dll Injector Hacker is a lightweight piece of software that enables you to include various hacks to many video games, including, but not limited to Star Wars, Countr-Strike, Halo or SWAT.

Add and remove the hacks with just one click

The app does not require setup or configuration, so you can use it as soon as you download it to your PC. The program comes with a rather rugged interface and unfortunately, the poor choice of colors for the GUI can make it slightly difficult to notice the main commands at first.

Injecting a DLL is a straightforward operation that entails selecting the desired files and then hitting the Inject/Run. The tool does not support drag and drop so you need to navigate to the folder that contains the hacks from within the app.

It is worth mentioning that the utility allows you to run executable files along with the libraries for which you can use command line arguments. At the same time, you can kill any process that is active on your PC with just one click.

A tool that may come in handy for diehard gamers

In spite of the fact that the application mainly addresses gamers, it is worth mentioning that you can preview all processes that are active on your system. Consequentially, the utility can prove useful for developers who want to investigate the behavior of various malware more minutely, as well.

Regardless of whether you want to try out some mods in your favorite game, include some extra benefits in the game map you enjoy playing with your friends or maybe, you are working on a security tool, Dll Injector Hacker could come in handy.

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Dll Injector Hacker was reviewed by Alexandra Sava

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